In Gem Hotels you will be treated to true character, unbeatable history and local tradition. Each hotel has unique history.


Gem Langham Court Hotel

It is said that the word "eye-catcher" was coined for this place. When one catches a glimpse of it from a side-street, one cannot resist going near for a closer look. What one finds is a beautiful hotel - but it hasn't always been that...


Gem Fitzrovia Hotel

The area between the boundaries of City of Westminster and Borough of Camden, with roots from the Manor of Tottenham Court has coined its name as "Fitzrovia" around 1940 from literary and artistic bohemians.


Gem Strathmore Hotel

Although it is quite difficult to imagine today, a hundred and seventy years ago the site of No 41 Queen's Gate Gardens would have thronged with people milling around the entrance to the Great Exhibition, which was held in Hyde Park in 1851